ARTS 081 Typography II

“By exploring the opportunities at the intersection of technology and design, this new breed of artists is expanding the boundaries of traditional typography and integrating elements from the fields of animation, craft, performance, nano-science and graffiti into their work.”



tanamachi studio

Exploration of letterforms in both theoretical and practical aspects through application. The specifics of utilizing classic typographic solutions is furthered while investigating potential for the new. Examine and gain an understanding of the function of typography as a major communicative element and graphic form.

Through the structure of studio lectures, in-class labs, discussions, comprehensive projects and critiques we will explore the function and meaning behind typography including but not limited to: letterform anatomy, point and pica measuring systems, building on greater knowledge of typographic identification, practical issues of setting and using type effectively in layout applications, form and counterform issues, hierarchy, type as conduit for meaning and content as well as other issues related to visual problem solving through typographic form.

Assignments are geared to applying and exploring the possibilities inherent in the theoretical principles introduced; they allow us to focus on meaning, aesthetics and functionality in typographic design. Projects are “intermediate to advanced” in nature and rely upon the student’s skills in multiple levels of design as applied to a systems manner of thinking which builds upon itself through the semester. Conceptual development, verbal articulation of visual solutions, research, production, and visual, verbal and written presentation skills are all essential to this course.

first principles of typography


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