Letterform assignment 1

Screen Shot 2013-10-04 at 3.02.55 PMForging the Future with the Tip of the Pen — This Is Our City



In class:

Draw your first and last name in your favorite typeface. No looking at examples. Must be from a real typeface. Go from your memory only. What is it’s name.

Bring to class:

Pencil tracings of your name in both all upper and also all lower case letters for each of these typefaces. 1st print out and then trace these letters. Draw each letter at approximately 2 inches tall. (PDFs of both Helvetica and Garamond are below) You may either use tracing paper or the light table. Be precise and accurate with your tracing.



Your favorite typeface

From your drawings, identify 5 distinguishing characteristics for each typeface. To aid you in identifying these characteristics, you might compare Garamond with other serif typefaces and Helvetica with other sans-serif faces. Attach a list of these characteristics to each drawing.

Garamond 1

Garamond 2

Garamond 3

Helvetica 1

Helvetica 2

Helvetica 3

Helvetica 4

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