Experimental WoodType

Explore the possibilities of design using wood type.

Concepts such as repetition with variation, figure and ground relationships and rhythm are important to consider.

In this assignment we are also exploring the relationship between design experimentation as it eventually influences production process. Innovation as it influences invention and possible new directions.

As part two of this experiment, scan smaller segments, parts or “Passages” of your letterpress prints as modular units. Import these into the computer and repeat them as pattern, paying attention to the same general design concepts as before. In this version, you are also reflecting on the results of combining technologies (old-school wood type letterpress and contemporary digital applications). Print to the BFK Rives paper from the inkjet printer.

The Changing Face of Letterpress

David Wolske

Brad Vetter

Bethany Heck

Dafi Kühne

Nick Sherman

Dennis Ichiyama

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