Typographic Logo

Symbol Set

Logo Design

  • Your assignment is to create a typographic logo for a product (Not a company or person). Your first step is to invent or imagine a new product. This can be something that already has versions of it made by other companies, but yours is unique in some way.
  • Next, create a slogan or tagline that captures or refers to this unique product or a unique characteristic of the product.
  • Name the product, again in some way reflecting the uniqueness of the product.
  • Finally, creatively interpret the product name typographically as a logo. Start with thumbnails drawn in pencil. Do not go to the computer first, if at all.
  • Refer to real typefaces as a starting point but be looking for meaningful ways to alter, combine, extend or substitute the letterforms to create an individual, customized treatment of the letters.
  • Look for symbolic options not decorations
  • The final logo can be created in any medium
  • Apply your logo to the label or package of the product.
  • Include functional information such as weight, nutritional value, size, alcohol content, etc. to the final label/package design.
  • Include your tagline/slogan to the final label/package design.
  • Photograph the final as a product shot

Typographically, you are looking/focusing on two main areas;

  • Letterform
    • typeface
    • hand drawn vs. computer generated
    • variations, extensions, alternative characters
    • personality
    • substitution
  • Spacing
    • kerning
    • nesting
    • leading
    • alignment

Your goal is to create a unique/one-of-kind typographic word mark that is a tight grouping of elements that “naturally” fit together.