vinyl lettering ft braggVinyl lettering is a special adhesive vinyl that is cut directly from a piece of colored material.

Our Vinyl Cutter is model Graphtec CE6000-60 Plus

If you plan to print directly from your laptop, download and install the appropriate Graphtec driver CE6000 Plus Series software plus the Cutting  Master 4 Plugin for Illustrator 

From Illustrator:

  • Convert all type to outlines; Menu>>Type>>Create Outlines
  • Outline all lines; Menu>>Object>>Path>>Outline Stroke
  • View your design in Outline mode; Menu>>View>>Outline

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 9.32.08 AM

  • Use either the Shapebuilder tool (looks like a master card symbol) or the first option from the Pathfinder window to remove overlap

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 9.33.26 AM

  • Flatten Layers
  • Rotate your design so that its longest dimension is vertical
  • Resize the artboard to fit your design
  • do Save As, renaming the file by adding the word plot to the existing file name
  • Send to the cutter, using the Cut/Plot command, not the Print command
    • If the Cut/Plot option is grayed out do a Force Quit (command + Option+ Esc keys) and force quit Cutting Master.

Screen Shot 2019-04-17 at 8.50.28 AM

    • resend using the Cut/Plot command

Loading Vinyl


  • Insert both rods through the tube of vinyl and position the vinyl roll between the two brass guides that are on one of the rods
  • Place the rods in the two slots/guides that are closest to one another
  • Lower the lever which is located on the back right hand side of the Cutter/Plotter


  • Insert the vinyl, pulling it so that it goes beneath the cutter knife (right side)  and the guide (left side). Align the right side of the vinyl with the guide line engraved into the black out tray and forward to the guide line running from side to side on the same out tray.
  • Raise the lever on the back right hand side of the cutter/plotter


  • turn on the cutter plotter (switch on left side)
  • After the plotter has completed its initial start up sequence, press the 1 button.
  • When the display screen says ready you can send your file to the cutter/plotter.

From the Cutting Master plot window:

  • From the Advanced tab, check the Weed Border and Weed Horizontal and Weed Vertical options
  • click Send

Removing and weeding the vinyl:

  • After your design has “printed”, cut your design from the roll in a straight line, use the grid that is printed on the back of the vinyl to aid you
  • Remove (weed) the unwanted vinyl using an exact knife. Be careful to pick the colored top layer only. Leave the letters attached to the backing carrier sheet.

Transferring your design:

  • Using the large roll of clear gridded transfer tape, completely tape down and cover all of your letters using one solid piece of the tape.
  • Lightly draw pencil lines on the destination surface and also on the outside edges of the tape where you want the baseline of your design to be. This is how you will register or correctly position your design.
  • Carefully pry the tape from the backing carrier sheet. Be sure that all the letters including small counters and punctuation marks all stick to the tape.
  • Once the entire design is removed from the backing sheet and now sticking to the tape, carefully align the tape to where you want the design to appear using one of the methods described in the videos or by aligning the baseline pencil marks on the wall with those on the tape.
  • Rub down the tape and underlying design using the plastic squeegee.
  • Carefully pull off the tape.