Summer Sessions Catalog Design

summer 2011 design—Christine Strain

For those of you unfamiliar with InDesign, don’t worry. Your initial concept can be in any medium and I will work with you to get it to it’s final publishable form. If working on the computer, however, you should work with either Illustrator or Photoshop if not directly in InDesign from the start.

Design the cover so that it wraps around from front to back with the main part of the illustration on the front. An illustration that goes all the way to an edge of the paper is called a “Bleed“. The standard method of printing full bleed is to add a bleed allowance on the art, print to an oversized sheet, and trim.

Leave a blank 2 x 4 inch rectangular area for the mailing label and a 7/8 inch square for the bulk mailing label to each be inserted on the back.

Pay very close attention to all the directions on the Requirements sheet, particularly, spelling and the order that information must appear.

Presentation of your final designs will be to representatives from the Admissions Office on Monday December 12th.

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