CD of Semester’s Work

You will each need to turn in to me a CD, which contains the final PDF versions of all of your assignments from this semester. You must save the files in the manner described below and label them exactly as described below.

  • If you have final designs that are that are scans, JPEG, PSD or other forms of bit-mapped design you must first convert the files to RGB and 100 dpi and do a new “Save As” or “Export” to create the PDF. (this specific process may or may not have been an actual assignment in this class, so if you are confused by this in any way please ask for clarification)
  • For digital files that are Adobe Illustrator or other forms of vector design, simply do a new “Save As” or “Export” as a PDF file.
  • For multiple images, or parts (for example a series or design campaign) from the same project. Import your separate files into Acrobat after first saving them as described above. In Acrobat create a multi-page PDF containing all files or pages that belong to the same project. Do this from the Acrobat menu bar. File>>Create PDF>>Merge files into a Single PDF. (These are the files that belong to the final presentation of the project only. You do not need to burn copies of developmental files, thumbnails, alternate versions, etc.)
  • Name your files using the following convention:

Your last name, project name, date. (for example: deboer, menu, 4/20/11)

  • Burn all files to a CD.
  • Name the CD using the following naming convention:

Your last name, class, date. (for example: deboer, typography, 4/20/11)

  • Put the CD in an envelope or CD sleeve/case, do not hand it in without some sort of protective sleeve around it. Here is a template for a very simple CD sleeve that does not require any tape to hold it together, just fold it. cd pocket

Please return any borrowed books, magazines or other materials, tools, etc. that you may have borrowed from me during the semester. 🙂

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