Why draw?
Michelangelo answered this question succinctly: “Drawing is the root of all knowledge.”

The importance of practicing your ability to draw cannot be overstated. It is without a doubt the single most important skill related to your ability to succeed as either a studio/fine artist or designer of any kind. The reasons for this are many, below are a short list of some of the major ones.

  • The most important factor in drawing and painting is the ability to see, learning to see more, greater detail and achieve greater understanding.
  • Drawing is the most direct way to give visual form to an idea that you have in your head.
  • Drawing from observation “sharpens” your eye by developing your ability to focus, concentrate and become consciously aware.
  • Drawing aids your ability to understand 3D form.
  • Drawing exercises your imagination.
  • To inspire the design.
  • To record the geometric shapes and patterns of the composition 
  • To problem solve and analyze.
  • To learn artistic dexterity and eye-hand coordination.
  • To help your memory. Drawing helps with short-term memory and ideas that might otherwise be forgotten.
  • Drawing will make you a better communicator.
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