Keyboard Shortcuts

keyboard copy

If saving time and being productive is the name of the game, then keyboard shortcuts are for you. The next time you are browsing around the menus of your favorite applications, take a glance at the right side of the menu to see if you find any shortcuts that can help you out. Here are a few essential ones to get you started.

Command-? Mac Help

Command-A Select All

Command-C Copy

Command-D Duplicates current item

Command-E Ejects selected volume, media, or server

Command-F Find

Command-H Hide current application

Command-I Opens Get Info dialog for selected item

Command-J Toggles View Options Open & Closed

Command-K Connect to server

Command-L Creates Alias for selected item

Command-M Minimize a Finder-folder to Dock

Command-Option-M Save as above but minimizes all open Finder-folders

Command-N Opens up new Finder window

Command-O Opens selected item

Command-Q Quits active application

Command-V Paste

Command-W Closes Finder-folder window

Command-Option-W Same as above but closes all Finder-folders

Command-X Cut

Command-Z Undo

Command-Del Moves selected item to Trash

Command-Shift-A Opens the applications folder

Command-Shift-N Creates a new folder in the selected workspace

Command-Shift-Del Empty Trash

Command-Tab Rotate through open applications and switch to highlighted app

Command-~ Same as above but only flips through open windows in the selected application

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